Gilly Adams –  Secular Celebrant, Rites of Passage workshop leader:

Martin Brockman –  Woodcut printmaker, sculptor, kiln

Simon Byford – Digital artist:

Roger Coleman – Landscape photographer:

Rebecca Chesney – Artist, botanist:

Duncan Copley –  Designer of architectural spaces and furniture maker:

Dan Fox  Sound Installation artist, musician:

Hannah FoxMaker, performer, film animator, producer:

Tim Hill – Street musician, processional spectacle:

Andrew Kim  Expert in puppetry, community carnival parades:

Wendy Meadley – Flag and lantern maker:

Pete Moser – Composer, musician, choir leader:

Dave Young – Anvil wrestler, inventor, fire alchemist:


Sue Gill In All My Born Days Memoir [pub 2021]  ISBN 978-0-9568583-7-5

‘…a beautiful, inspiring, funny and important book. It has structure and enormous heart and speaks to an exceptional life lived. The world needs to hear this wise, delicious voice.’

John FoxFoxy’s Song Book [pub 2021]  ISBN 978-0-9568583-8-2

…. 51 songs with lyrics (and drawings) by John Fox. Melodies and scores by eight gifted composers. Piano scores and arrangements, some for choirs.

Chris Coates A Life in Common  [pub 2021]   ISBN 978-0-9545757-7-9

…from a life lived in intentional community to holding the task of works convenor for Welfare State’s refurbishment of the old National School into the £1.6 million Lanternhouse Centre for the Celebratory Arts.      

Francois Matarasso – A Restless Art [pub 2019]  ISBN 978-1-903080-20-7

…raising the neglected profile of community and participatory art … a mass of inspiring International examples. Scholarly reflective theory, historical insight and a passionate manifesto for ways of creating social transformation.

Chris Fite-Wassilak The Artist in Time  [pub 2020]  ISBN 978-1-789940-35-0

A generation of 21 great British creatives – painters, poets, performers, photographers, writers, sculptors, dancers and directors – all born before 1950. A collective portrait of a generation who have shaped our artistic landscape. Humour and honesty shared a sense of vitality and a willingness to explore.

Lucy Neal – Playing for Time [pub 2015]  ISBN 978-1-783191864 alternative, salutary, sparky and optimistic catalyst to counter voracious privatisation and capitalist growth. 50 radical and far-seeing artists plus a dozen socially engaged thinkers collaborated on this book. There is a generous wisdom in all of this …


Regional lists of natural burial sites, best local funeral directors, secular celebrants, and suppliers direct to the public of coffins, shrouds, advice, education, and resources. Natural Death Handbook, free online magazine More to Death with articles on the funerals industry and trade advertising.

They have a regional list of their trained secular celebrants and offer residential training courses.

ARCHIVE INFORMATION about  WELFARE STATE INTERNATIONAL >explore>theatre>welfare-state-international-archive

Tony Coult/ Baz Kershaw Engineers of the Imagination [Methuen 1983]

The original WSI manual on site-specific theatre. An excellent combination of theory and practice.

John Fox Eyes on Stalks [Methuen 2002]

Autobiographical roller coaster through three decades of wild invention.


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