Our Dead Good Books

Here is a catalogue of all our titles. Some are from a while ago but many are quite recent. Each has its own ‘strapline’ but in general, there are four categories:

Autobiography and memoir. Sue Gill and John Fox. Personal reflections, many recalling events and life on the road with Welfare State International.

Poetry and songs. Four collections by John Fox gathered over 25 years.

Tales for Children. Small (6”x 4”) illustrated books. Also valued by grown-ups.

Nuts and bolts handbooks. Insights into our way of thinking with practical advice about, for example, how to construct giant puppets, fabricate lanterns, create life and death ceremonies and play ”La Despedida” in a street band.

All these titles are in stock at the Beach House where we sell them via PayPal and send them out to you promptly. To buy any of our books or artworks please contact us via this website.


01229 869769